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The War In Ukraine Is Actually About Banking
Here's the proof
August 23, 2022
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by Lee Camp

There’s something you aren’t being told about the current cold war between the US and Russia that’s icier than a witch’s tit after seeing the naked body of that guy who ate Russel Crowe. And of course the new cold war also involves a proxy war in Ukraine – where our mainstream media is telling us to root for a Jew AND for Nazis?! As an anti-imperialist Jew myself, can’t I oppose both the Russian invasion AND the US-backed Nazis? Is that not allowed? This is worse than when The Price Is Right showcase showdown forced me to choose between rooting for a marine and rooting for another marine. (You’re trained killers! Why do you need a jet ski so bad? Can’t you just kill someone and steal their jet ski?)

But there’s a larger reason the US needs to crush Russia right now and our government continues to hope the poor Ukrainians will be the canon fodder they need to do it. To understand what that thing is that you aren’t being told, you have to first understand how the US maintains global hegemony. “Hegemony” is a Greek word that means… Uh, is it a kind of yogurt maybe? Or a type of herpes? Or both?

Anyway, the US empire maintains our control of much of the world via two things:

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17 hours ago

I grow tired of hearing people say, “Thirty thousand dead in Palestine.” That number does not include those holding on to life with the love, will, and determination of the Palestinian spirit.

Calling it thirty thousand is an insult to mathematics. More insidiously, this obscene number hides the true atrocity Israel, and their vassals are perpetuating. Make no mistake, the US, UK, and EU politicians demonstrate their fealty to Israel daily. The press supports the political class’s allegiance to a foreign nation by denying access to observers with the necessary mathematical skills to communicate the reality of genocide.

You have witnessed the destruction in Gaza. Compare it to the bombing campaigns in Tokyo and Vietnam. In each of those cases, medical aid was allowed by the bombers, yet over one hundred thousand died in each campaign.

To believe the numbers are lower in Gaza than those tragedies denies the actual loss of life. It supports the false narrative that Israel is minimizing deaths. It...

February 14, 2024
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We Increasingly Live In A Post Inequality World

By Lee Camp

We increasingly live in the post inequality world. And by that, I don’t at all mean there isn’t inequality — HOLY SHIT, there’s TONS of inequality. There’s more inequality than there are fake eyelashes. In fact there’s probably more inequality than ever before. No, I mean that we increasingly live in a world that notices immense inequality about as much as we noticed when the movie Shazam: Fury of The Gods left theaters. (I had to look up the name of that movie because I also didn’t notice that it existed.) 

As covered in Peoples Dispatch, “The wealth of the world’s top five richest men has more than doubled since 2020 while 4.8 billion people, or 60% of humanity, have been further impoverished.”

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January 29, 2024
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If Trump Were President Right Now, Would You Act A Little More Sane?

by Lee Camp

This goes out to all the liberals.

If Trump were president right now would you be furious about the US-backed genocide Israel is perpetrating? 

If Trump were president right now would you be irate about the fact the administration has done nearly nothing about climate crisis

If Trump were president right now would you scream obscenities over the fact that 43 million Americans have student loan debt and the Biden Administration has managed to erase it for a whopping 1/4th of 1% of those struggling people? 

If Trump were president, would you care that the US government can’t provide good healthcare to millions of Americans?

If Trump were president right now would you have your undies in a twist over the US government spending more on military than the bottom 170 countries combined — and spending more every year no matter how much the Pentagon proclaims they have no idea where the money is going

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January 26, 2024
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Can You Imagine A U.S. Government That Isn’t Constantly Placing Us on The Brink of Nuclear Destruction?

by Lee Camp

Can you imagine having a US government that isn’t constantly putting us all at the cusp of annihilation? Can you? I can’t. It’s like trying to imagine a New York City corner store without a cat sleeping on the bread. Every step of the way, seemingly no matter the president, the US government thrusts us all, naked and scared, into the event horizon of extinction. And every 4 years we vote for them to do it again.

They imperil us and our families and our lives and our carefully coiffed dogs constantly and they’re doing it again right now by supporting Israel’s special genocide operation. Nothing puts nuclear powers around the globe on red alert with their fingers hovering just above the red button like full-on genocide.

But this is just the most recent of many. In case you need a quick refresher:

  1. Iraq - Years of fighting and killing supposedly in order to stop weapons of mass destruction that never existed. The US killed roughly one million people.

  2. Afghanistan - Over 20 years long, a complete disaster with unclear goals. Ostensibly it started in order to get the guys who perpetrated 9/11 even though 15 of 19 hijackers were Saudi. The US spent trillions of dollars and killed roughly 880,000 people

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