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The War In Ukraine Is Actually About Banking
Here's the proof
August 23, 2022
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by Lee Camp

There’s something you aren’t being told about the current cold war between the US and Russia that’s icier than a witch’s tit after seeing the naked body of that guy who ate Russel Crowe. And of course the new cold war also involves a proxy war in Ukraine – where our mainstream media is telling us to root for a Jew AND for Nazis?! As an anti-imperialist Jew myself, can’t I oppose both the Russian invasion AND the US-backed Nazis? Is that not allowed? This is worse than when The Price Is Right showcase showdown forced me to choose between rooting for a marine and rooting for another marine. (You’re trained killers! Why do you need a jet ski so bad? Can’t you just kill someone and steal their jet ski?)

But there’s a larger reason the US needs to crush Russia right now and our government continues to hope the poor Ukrainians will be the canon fodder they need to do it. To understand what that thing is that you aren’t being told, you have to first understand how the US maintains global hegemony. “Hegemony” is a Greek word that means… Uh, is it a kind of yogurt maybe? Or a type of herpes? Or both?

Anyway, the US empire maintains our control of much of the world via two things:

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10 hours ago

It's been a big day in RFK Jr news... so here's a digest
recent articles, and events making the news, that are related.

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It's been a big day in RFK Jr news... here's links and lead up...

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"YouTube Deletes ...


He won't be allowed to win of course. And that will be yet another betrayal of the American people & for that matter, the whole world.


Moynihan and Doyle testified to a House committee in December 2018 that they believed the foundation wrongly operated as a foreign lobbyist by accepting overseas donations, then trying to influence U.S. policy.
The foundation "began acting as an agent of foreign governments early in its life and throughout its existence," Moynihan testified at the time. "As such, the foundation should've registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act). Ultimately, the foundation and its auditors conceded in formal submissions that it did operate as a (foreign) agent, therefore the foundation is not entitled to its 501c3 tax-exempt privileges as outlined in IRS 170 (c)2."


April 23, 2023
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We Should Be Crying Over Spilt Milk
43 Million Gallons To Be Exact

Over 40 million gallons of milk is dumped into fields, lagoons, and landfills every year. ...And it demonstrates everything that's wrong with our socioeconomic system.

People love to pretend our market economy simply maximizes efficiency and happiness. “Humankind has never seen anything better than good ol’ American capitalism”, they like to yell out the window of their pickup trucks with a couple of confused migrant workers kidnapped in the back. But in reality, the invisible hand of the free market belongs to a drunk evil villain with his other hand slowly petting a hairless cat. 

In order to explain how, I have to first ask you this question: Do you still drink a glass of milk? Ever? Probably not. And that means our society is collapsing. 

(I know that's a weird question, but I've never claimed to be normal. I've claimed to be a lot of things — ambidextrous, a terrible dancer, the last person in the world you want to babysit your kid — but I've never claimed to be normal. Besides, normal is boring. We don't have much time on this strange rock. Existence is fleeting. So why spend it "fitting in"? I've never wanted to fit in. That’s not true; I very much wanted to fit in from the age of zero to 17. Then I realized it was a fool’s errand. No one should seek normal. That's half the problem with our society — everyone is trying so hard to be regular, to allow cultural hegemony to just wash over them, but when was the last time anyone excitedly told people how normal they were? Or got an award for being the most normal — which is an oxymoron to begin with? "This year we give the trophy for not standing out to... DAN! Come on up here, Dan. You must find this moment horrifying." Point being: Don't be normal, bland, typical, or harmonious. Be strange, weird, bizarre, and perplexing. And if you find yourself so unusual that no one wants to hang out with you anymore, then maybe back it off a little and think about putting your pants back on.)

Back to the question: Do you still drink cow milk? Like the mucus that shoots out of the penis-looking things under a cow? I don't know anyone who does. I don't even know that many people who force that stuff on their kids anymore. And don't worry, the point of this column is not to inform you how disgusting milk is. I'm not going to waste your time with sentences like, "What are you crazy?! Shoving all those hormones and antibiotics down your kid’s throat??" ...I'm not going to say that. 

No, my point is that people don't really drink much bovine juice anymore and our response to this new reality reveals how inefficient, poorly planned, and troublesome our society is. Milk has faded as a standard American beverage, hanging out on the forgotten grocery store shelves with 7Up and Tang. My personal belief is that milk has slipped from our cultural consciousness because there are so many other options of drinkables that don’t squirt out of hooved animals. The shelves boastfully display almond milk — or truthfully almond juice — soy juice, cashew juice, rice juice, which I think they call Rice Dream for some reason. (I'm sorry, no one dreams about fucking rice juice. And if you do dream about it, get a hobby for the love of god! Become a boating enthusiast or an arsonist or something, because you’re dreaming about rice and that’s not normal. ...The bad kind of not normal, not the good kind of not normal.) 

So how is the dairy industry dealing with the waning need for their product? Are they backing off? Are they shrinking in size? Are they going out of business? Of course not — because capitalism requires infinite growth. Therefore, the dairy industry makes the same amount of milk as always and simply dumps it out. I kid you not. Roughly nine million dairy cows saunter around the farms of America, and it's not uncommon for producers to simply purge millions of gallons of extra bovine juice into ditches and landfills and lagoons.

Here’s from the Wall Street Journal a few years ago: "More than 43 million gallons’ worth of milk were dumped... (To read the rest of this excerpt from Lee Camp's new e-book Dangerous Ideas, become a paying supporter. You will also receive the entire e-book as a gift for becoming a member.)

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April 18, 2023
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12 Reasons Housing Should Be A Human Right
A preview chapter from "Dangerous Ideas"

                What If Housing Were A Human Right

      (This is a chapter from Lee Camp's upcoming e-book "Dangerous Ideas".)

Congress’ inability to actually represent the real live human beings of America, combined with an economic system that rewards lack of empathy and an excess of greed, has brought us to a dark time when an oncoming tsunami of financial ruin, destitution, and evictions towers over our heads, blocking out the sunlight.

No matter when you’re reading this, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of homeless people across the U.S. Bear in mind during the pandemic our government bailed out big banks and Wall Street to the tune of $4.25 Trillion, but on top of that the Pentagon has over $21 Trillion of unaccounted-for adjustments on their books over the past 20 years and can’t account for half their assets. This is to say — there’s plenty of money.

Money is an idea, a concept, an imaginary metaphysical belief, and it’s high time we faced the fact that the U.S. government has an unlimited imagination. As philosopher Alan Watts once put it — Money is not a thing, it’s a measurement. Saying there’s not enough money to do something is like a builder saying there’s not enough inches to build a house. He has the wood, nails and hammers. He’s just out of inches.

The U.S. government could’ve easily given every American $2,000 a month during the pandemic housing crisis to keep almost everybody in their homes and apartments. In fact, Canada  opted to give $2,000 a month to those who lost work because of the pandemic.

But ignore the fact that there’s enough money. That’s not what we’re here to discuss.

There are also enough empty homes. As of 2022, there were 16 million vacant homes in the country. Compare that to...

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October 17, 2022
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LEAKED: US Oligarchs Are Intentionally Creating Recession To Harm Workers
They Admit It Behind Closed Doors

by Lee Camp

They’re comin’ after us! The Fed - the Federal Reserve - is out to get us! (I know that sounds crazy, and I’m often the person backing away from someone at a party saying that exact sentence, but this time it’s true, and I’m not crazy, but I won’t fault you for backing away.)

Things right now are not so great. We’re still gettin’ over a pandemic. Healthcare costs are totally out of control. Everyone’s in debt and hates their job. There aren’t any insects around - which I feel like is a bad sign. And, on top of all that - the only time most Americans feel alive is when they get someone they’ve never met to tell them to go eat a bag of dicks in a comment thread under a video about how to make a delicious kale salad.

Point is – do you ever look around at how fucked up the world is and go, “Well, I hope the Federal Reserve makes things way worse?” Because that’s what they’re doing.

As reported in Common Dreams, “Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said… that the U.S. central bank is ready to inflict ‘pain’ on households as it continues to fight inflation, remarks that drew widespread backlash from experts who warned the Fed appears poised to spark a devastating recession and mass layoffs.” ...And leaked conversations now reveal the real reasons.

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