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The US Gov Has Admitted Lying About Ukraine - So Why Are We Still Believing Them?
Fool Me Ten Times, Shame On Who?
August 20, 2022
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What’s Really Happening in Ukraine Right Now?

Getting to the bottom of that is harder than figuring out a David Lynch film while on acid.

Look, no one is arguing that innocent civilians haven’t died in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (provoked by the US and NATO). But are we now at a place where we don’t even care what the truth is? It’s now totally cool for our media to print “Russian Soldiers Eat Entire Ukrainian Orphanage Even Though They Weren’t Even Hungry At The Time!”

Or should we maybe/still care what the reality is even if we’re opposed to the Russian invasion and no one is denying that innocent civilians have died and reality kinda sucks right now – especially with climate change, having to take down our Fresh Prince of Bel Air posters, and I have that stuff growing between my toes. Reality sucks. 

But maybe we should still want to know the truth. And if you’ve been paying attention you probably noticed our media has already put out loads of fake news. You’ll recall the US government and others said Russia was going to use chemical weapons. …But it didn’t happen, and then “...three U.S. officials told NBC News there is no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons near Ukraine.” Soooo, that whole “Russia’s about to use chemical weapons” story was based on… Mad Libs?? (Oh, that also explains The New York Times headline "Russia Plans To Soupcan Farty Minnesota.")

The US government and others next said “Russia is stockpiling corpses

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Has anyone posed questions to the ChatGPT bot?

I finally threw it a question out of curiosity mostly

My question:

Growing crops to sustain current populations is being dramatically impacted by extreme weather events and chaotic climate seasonal change, as well as devastating whole communities which do not recover - is a pathway to an unstable biosphere where mammalian life is at risk of losing it's habitat. Tipping points are nearing in so many facets needed to support the current civilisation, what would happen to humans if all tipping points were breached?

The response:

If all the tipping points were breached, the consequences for humans and the biosphere would be dire and far-reaching. The loss of critical ecosystems and their functions, such as the extinction of pollinators or the collapse of fishing stocks, would have a cascading effect on the food system and food security for billions of people. Rising sea levels, increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, and ...

October 17, 2022
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LEAKED: US Oligarchs Are Intentionally Creating Recession To Harm Workers
They Admit It Behind Closed Doors

by Lee Camp

They’re comin’ after us! The Fed - the Federal Reserve - is out to get us! (I know that sounds crazy, and I’m often the person backing away from someone at a party saying that exact sentence, but this time it’s true, and I’m not crazy, but I won’t fault you for backing away.)

Things right now are not so great. We’re still gettin’ over a pandemic. Healthcare costs are totally out of control. Everyone’s in debt and hates their job. There aren’t any insects around - which I feel like is a bad sign. And, on top of all that - the only time most Americans feel alive is when they get someone they’ve never met to tell them to go eat a bag of dicks in a comment thread under a video about how to make a delicious kale salad.

Point is – do you ever look around at how fucked up the world is and go, “Well, I hope the Federal Reserve makes things way worse?” Because that’s what they’re doing.

As reported in Common Dreams, “Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said… that the U.S. central bank is ready to inflict ‘pain’ on households as it continues to fight inflation, remarks that drew widespread backlash from experts who warned the Fed appears poised to spark a devastating recession and mass layoffs.” ...And leaked conversations now reveal the real reasons.

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October 12, 2022
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Censored News: We Subsidize Big Oil To Help Them Destroy Our Future!
You won't believe these numbers.

By Lee Camp

Eleven million dollars a minute. That’s what we pay… and no I’m not talking about my bill at the Good Vibrations Sex Shoppe. (But I do appreciate when a sex shop spells it “shoppe.” You know, keep it classy. Make you feel like it was founded in the 1500s in England.) 

A report by the IMF shows we spend 11 million dollars a minute on big oil – But I’ll get back to that in a second. 

So we know we’re in a climate crisis now. (Hopefully you know that and if you don’t, then stop licking the bottom of the public pool. That’s not good for you.) Even Bloomberg News – the news of, by, and for people who like to kick the guy shining their shoes – even they admit “Much of the US Will Be an ‘Extreme Heat Belt’ by the 2050s.” “...in three decades, more than 100 million Americans will live in an ‘extreme heat belt’ where at least one day a year, the heat index temperature will exceed 125° Fahrenheit (52° Celsius)...” And, of course, many more days will be a completely unbearable – yet comparatively brisk – 100° Fahrenheit. It’s kinda like how being punched in the face is awful unless you’ve just been pounded in the balls. Then the face seems almost friendly.

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September 21, 2022
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This Is Who Owns The World
Why does the mainstream media never mention the entity that owns the world?

by Lee Camp

Who owns the world? Well, I’m about to tell you! Keep your pants on. Now I’m gonna drag out the suspense of who owns the world for this entire article– 

BlackRock! It’s BlackRock!! Damn it! I should have dragged it out longer. 

BlackRock is the largest asset management firm on the planet, and it’s also the name of my mom’s trademark inedible turkey liver sponge cake. But BlackRock is essentially a shadow bank. And I don’t know what a shadow bank is other than what my uncle would always say the Greek guy at his construction job had. (Seemed vaguely racist but I couldn’t put my finger on it.)

But BlackRock is enormous. However big you’re picturing, multiply it by the size of a Toyota Sequoia. (Side note: why are giant suv monster-trucks always named after the thing they kill? “Yeah, I own a Nissan Polar Bear! But I’m thinking of trading it in for a Chevy Our Grandchildren’s Future. It has 18 cup holders and two cub holders for any bear cubs you run over with it.”)

BlackRock literally has more assets than the Gross Domestic Products of every single country except China and the US. So, just for a second, picture India with their 1.4 billion people. BlackRock has more than their annual GDP – Times three! BlackRock holds somewhere around $9 trillion dollars. That’s one tenth of the whole world’s yearly economic activity. 

Here, this will put it in perspective. If you make $60,000 a year - after taxes - you’re doing pretty well. But in order to grab up $9 trillion, you’d need to work for 150 million years. You’d have to work for the entire length of the existence of the dinosaurs! (And that’s if your stegosaurus boss paid you on time - which, you know how they are.) 

And BlackRock is by far the biggest wealth fund or shadow bank in the world. “The grand total of the sovereign wealth funds managed by over 91 such funds across the world is projected to be worth approximately 8.2 trillion US dollars.” That’s right, 91 other such funds don’t have as much as BlackRock has. 

So what do they do with all this money? I’ll tell you what --

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